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"Ask Katy is the place to go for (occasionally) impolite answers to (sometimes) impertinent questions about Duran Duran. I may be biased, but it's a keeper."

- Simon Le Bon
"If I ever forget anything about Duran Duran, I ask Katy. She is our oracle. Simply put, Ask Katy is most direct route of communication we've ever had with our fans." 

- Nick Rhodes   

"Katy is history's policewoman, Duran Duran's history that is. Sifting through the wreckage of our past, her mission is to separate out the truth from the fiction. Katy is the nurse with the bloody bandages, the priestly exorcist, working day and night to keep those English Cowboys of the Double D ranch's reputation from straight lining. She is the medicine queen."

- John Taylor
"Since I have been back with the band Katy has been dealing with 'the good, the bad and the ugly' on a daily basis and has been one the constants in an ever-fluctuating DD world. She is an "Agony Aunt" to hundreds of thousands of Duran Duran fans who need answers and need them now. It's a tough job, and we're lucky she's willing to do it."

- Roger Taylor

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Ask Katy  Q & A

Q: So let’s begin at the beginning, it’s always the best place to start. Set it up for us. How did you get this gig and how did it evolve over the years into what it is today?

KK: I started working at Left Bank Management in NYC in 1994. I was so young at the time, it was only my 2nd job. At the time, the company managed some big acts - The Cranberries, Meat Loaf, John Mellencamp and Duran Duran. I was psyched to get the chance to work with the band, and definitely liked their music. 

I was with the company until 1997, when they decided to close their NY office. I was sad as not only was I losing my job, but I had gotten close to many of the artists, but never developed the same kind of relationship I had with Duran Duran. I was particularly close to Simon and Nick, so the thought of leaving them really upset me. Lo and behold, they offered me a chance to stay on with them and the rest is well, you know...history...

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